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Not everyone smiles, but i can make them smile ^_^

11 August
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im a huge gackt fan!! lol i love to sing and cook i forgot that haha i have a habit of saying your mom..but i dont mean it! ^_^ i love to obsess over things like horror films and music by gackt..also his photo shoots haha and hearing him talk..ummmm i have just now developed a habit and obsession of keeping thinks clean...like my room...i also have started and obsesson with repo! the genetic opera..i love the music...i have a DevA (deviant Art) and i do some pretty awesome work...thats it

Layout credit goes to inconformista ^_^ i thought it was beautiful ^_^ thank you! ^^ *huggles*
alice nine, alot of artistic hobbies, anime, birds, chachamaru, chowder, gackt jrock more gackt, gazette, goth, guitar, hentai, horror, hyde, inovative and imaginitive, invader zim, ju ken, jun-ji, l'arc en ceil, love, love my cat, manga, miyavi's guiar playing, music, nightmare, occult manga, only read manga, piano, punk, repo! the genetic opera, singing, spongebob, stitch, sweeny todd, the grudge, the misadventures of flapjack, the ring, turbo shes my cat, vampires, vamps, video games, yaoi, yoshiki, yuri