gackt eat yummy


so for new years, i spet some time at my friends place, and they are all vegan, and i like vegan food its yumy, but ther thign here is that i was there for 2 days. and so all i ate was vegan food because well they are vegan. so what happened was when i checked my weight when i got back home i was 117 lbs! haha i was like YES!
before that i was 111lbs. so this was an amaxing find, and i didnt feel horrible after eating the food or anything i felt happy and comfortable.
so my parents got me some vegan patties and i had some vegan sliders, a pack of 4 and i ate the entier pack in a day. like oh man, i was so happy and i didnt feel sick or anything no anxiety or anything!
and i am still at the same weight, i slipped a bit here and ther but you know what! im glad haha i am not deteriorating anymore XD THIS IS AWESOME!
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haha >_>thiz bitch lol

weird and crazy stuff really: youtube: the so called "friend zone"

so i have been on youtbe for a while and i dont get a lot of comments that muchanymore or anythig but you know blah!
but there have been a couple of topics that have really made me take an interest in some of these thing
the first topic is the so called "friend zone"
there is this guy i was talking to that would use any manipulative tactic to try and win at this conversation and i have been talking about it with this douche canoe for the past week or soemting like that

now here is his understnading of it
the friend zone is unrequited feelings
no one is obligated to stay friends with you if they have put you or you ahve put them in the friend zone.

that is the simplification of it
but here is what i think
the phrase FRIEND ZONE was coined by one of the writes for the televisioin show Friends, in an episode that aired in 1993.
the media really does take a hold of society right?
we cant get a partner unless we get rid of our acne, buy proativ today
we cnat get a partner unless we have straight teeth, buy invisaline today
we cant get a partner if we are fat, go on atkins
blah blah blah you get it
but even television shows, things that we shoudl be taking with a grain of salt in terms of what we think and what we believe
what i was trying to tell this guy is that if the friend zone was origionally created by the media, then its not a real thing, televission is nothing but fake these days and i am so glad i am a member of not wathing it anymore for like 8 years. because the only good things on tv are on netflix now and i would rather not be stigmatized by the media and watch Family Guy any time that i want with no biased commercials that say that soem paper towels are some sort of manly stregth thing that women can use because they are tough (Brawny)
i dont think that the friend zone exists due to the fact that the phrase was coined by the media.
its not a real thing, like i ahve stated, thing from the media liek movies and televission shoudl be taken with a gain of salt.
i dont elive that the friend zone exists due to the fact that its just know n as rejeciton, rejection comes in a variety of situations but this one is about reall like he said, unrequited feelings
he was forcing me to answer a hupothetical yes or no question, a manipulation tacitc, to try and get me cornered into agreeing with him, he wanted to win
when in this case this is not what i am talking about i am talking about the fact that peopel are lead to belive that the friend zone is a real thing due to the fact that mn will act out upon it because of not being able to have sex, or really be with that person. if someone just wants to be friends, they either dont know you well enough
just genuinely wants to stay friends out of fear that the relationship might ruin the friendship that you have with them
or they themselves are not ready for a relationship
this does not mean that you were putinto a zone, it means that she does not feel the same way that you do thus, you getting plain and simply, REJECTED
bloody child man!
preocupied gackt


sorry i poffed for a while, i have been going through a lot of things, first off
school, and money, two things that make no sense, but do anyway lol

video games, im sorry haha videogames take most of my life over and so does tumblr, but mostly video games and youtube. and lastly
my dad has a lot of rage issues, we have been fighing so much lately, that it triggered like an entire week where i felt like shit, so i have been really busy and kind of sick. :P
boo, but anyway, im still alive, love you all :) *muwah!*

sorry its been a long time


I have been having a hard time lately. a lot of things have come up and I don't really want to go into a whole lot of detail. but I'm thinking that things are starting to shape up.


I know that I have not been on all that much but for what it's worth it seems that some are going through a lot of stuff. shifts similar to one. stress that ends with Wellness and then stress again. it good to see things turning up.


people finding something to be happy about. and that's good. :)


even though it may fresh down later.there is always going to be that time to be happy.


with it all...I can say that it's good that things change but we need to understand why. or adjust to it.


I miss you guys. again I'm sorry that I don't update often enough. and I'm sorry for that.


I just hope things are going well.


I'll see you all soon.


*hugs* :)


look whay came in monday XD

Ahhh I already opened it but I guess I'll open it and show you guys the goods, even though we already know what's inside lol.

out of the wrapping and ready to be opened up :)

ooooooo I know my roommate abhor messy I'm cleaning up today . the clearfiles are unwrapped. so you can kind of see the picture behind the other pictures lol.

tried my best to cover up the ceiling light. here are the sakura chiru pics.

and Claymore my favorite! :D I have already watched the blue rays. and if you're wondering if they are region free...why yes they are :) haha I played them on my ps3. :D it was awesome.


and finally here are my babies! :D

yay! lol I would show the inside but that would mean having to pick hairs out of the casing again. lol I know...ocd lol. maybe next post of the future you will see inside the CDs cases. just remind me okay?


love you all. have a good one. :)


im sorry


I'm sorry that I have not been on a whole lot and I feel pretty bad for not talking to the random in a while. I do miss you guys


I have been going through a lot of emotional stress lately and have been going out away from the computer these past several weeks. I may have reblogs on my tumble bit that is all from my phone and so is this post.


it has nothing to do with the fandom  or any bad rumors happening about GACKT or anything else like that. No one hurt my feelings in the fandom or anything like that. YouTube is the same usual shit with running into racist people and Hicks who think that they get their way by calling you names, pulling racial slurs and terms, and over all not know what an argument is. while that is the least of my problems. I have been really distressed lately.


It's like a mix of anxiety and depression and. because I love my nicotine hit. I started vaping, I have only ever smoked on cigarette in my entire life and it didn't stick. but I do love to smoke hookah and that has been my get away. but lately It's been difficult for me to hang out with my friends who have a hookah machine and so like I said I have taken up vaping.


just look it up if you'd like to know because this post is not about that.


I'm just putting up what's up and why I have not been talkative lately.


I'm actually quite tired and I don't feel good. not like sick just not willing to be happy. like I don't FEEL like forcing it like I usually do.
so It's complicated like trying to hide a bad cut but No one notices you hand over it.
I just have a lot on my mind and do I have been emotionally distressed. and It's not very fun at I have been in this rut for a while and It's because Injustice feel inadequate
and I don't know why, but I do hate it when people say "if you ate questioning weather someone loves you or not, probably means that you shouldn't even be together" or some shit like that.
I really do hate it because I feel that question it every now and then is good for keeping the glue stock between you and your partner. the more you think on it the more you realize that you are either wrong or right. and for me that's how it works but lately there have been some major changes and I just feel like thisi just feel like I have been doing everything wrong and whatever I say is just pushingnpeople away. instill holding my happy mask for when I make YouTube vids but not all the time. I have broken down several times on my channel but that years ago.
I guess I just feel bad because I told my relationship that I had a break down recently due to increased anxiety and he said nothing. and so I have been down lately. not because of that but because of several occurrences where the last time we talked or text he didn't say Hi back or I love you or good morning and so I feel like It's over


I know o know you guys don't need to tell me that how I feel and that these occurrences have happened a lot. but It's been a long time since I had a break down and It's not just him It's everything. and It's all too much to explain.


anyway I'm tired and I miss you guys. I love you and I'm sorry if I have been a bummer.